Fire District

The Warrenville Fire Protection District (WFPD) is a special, limited purpose, unit of local government. Fire protection districts are authorized by the Illinois Fire Protection District Act, first enacted in 1927. The WFPD is a separate legal entity from the City of Warrenville, and, as can be seen from the map (click here for map) its boundaries are slightly larger than the City's. WFPD's responsibilities include fire prevention and suppression, rescue, and emergency medical services. Via the Mutual Aid Box Alarm System (MABAS), WFPD assists and receives assistance from other area fire departments.

The WFPD is governed by a three person board of trustees. The board is responsible for the financial and administrative aspects of the district. The board's responsibilities include writing and approving the yearly budget and tax levy; planning and approving purchases, including major purchases, such as new vehicles and equipment; appointing the fire chief and firefighters; determining compensation for district employees; and writing and passing ordinances;

President Amy Winchell is a 16-year resident of Warrenville, and has been a paralegal for Comcast for 19 years. Amy manages communications to over 450 Chicagoland communities regarding Comcast's pricing and customer service standards; she also supervises audits of 25 Comcast warehouses per year. Amy runs the sound board for Trinity Lutheran Church's contemporary services and is an active leader with Cub Scout Pack 68 in Warrenville. Amy is married to John; her daughter, Dana, attends Wheaton Warrenville South High School, and her son, Josh, attends Bower Elementary.

Bill Mennell and wife Deb have lived in Warrenville since 1979 having come (via Lisle) from Wheaton and Naperville respectively. Bill is retired from the sheriff's police and was one of the founders of the Milton Township SALT (Seniors And Law-enforcement Together) committee. He has been on the Warrenville Fire District Board since 1998, having previously served 11 years as a firefighter/EMT/lieutenant with the district.

Treasurer Pete Sterenberg has been a member of the board since November, 2012. His professional experience includes 8 years as a fire fighter/EMT with WFPD.