How We Rate

Fire Departments across the country are rated by the Insurance Services Office, Inc. (ISO) with a numerical indication of the department's abilities. ISO provides advisory services to the insurance industry to help them develop pricing strategies for property and casualty insurance in the United States. For fire departments, a rating is based on a scale called the "Fire Suppression Rating Schedule" or FSRS.

The FSRS is based on three components: fire alarms; the fire department operations and training; and water supply within the coverage area. Ten percent of the rating is based on how the department receives and dispatches fire alarms. Inspectors look at such things as: the number of operators on duty, number of telephone lines coming into the communications center and, the way fire companies are dispatched to an alarm.

The second rating is the actual fire department operation. Fifty percent of the rating comes from evaluating the department in areas such as:

  • The type and extent of training
  • Number of active personnel
  • Firefighter response times to emergencies
  • Type and capabilities of Fire apparatus and equipment
  • Testing and maintenance of equipment

Water supply is the last rating category. This part of the survey focuses on available water above and beyond the daily maximum consumption.

The rating scale goes from one (the most desirable score) to ten (the least desirable score designating little or no fire protection). Warrenville is rated an ISO Class 3. To put this into perspective there are 2499 fire departments in Illinois. There are 5 departments rated ISO Class 1. There are 57 departments rated ISO Class 2 and there are 152 departments rated ISO Class 3.

Warrenville Fire Protection District is in the top 6% of ALL fire departments in the state of Illinois!!