Fire Prevention Bureau

The Fire Prevention Bureau is responsible for the oversight of the fire inspection program and the enforcement of the existing fire prevention codes and ordinances. The Bureau also provides education for citizens, businesses, and schools in district boundaries.

The Bureau does its best to prevent fires and accidents by providing the citizens, businesses, and patrons in our protection area with an aggressive inspection program. All new buildings are inspected in the planning and construction phases to ensure life safety (exits, sprinklers, extinguishers, etc.). All existing businesses are inspected regularly to ensure that the safety features built into the structures are maintained. All alarm and sprinkler systems are required to be tested yearly.

The Bureau is responsible for educating the public about the dangers of fire, how to prevent fires, and what to do if a fire starts. The Bureau provides in-school education for all students, public and private, in grades K-3 each year. There are many public education appearances in various locations during EMS week in May to give residents and visitors blood pressure checks and to educate them about the file of life. We also provide demonstrations of proper fire extinguisher use. Each October the department hosts an open house that invites residents to come to the headquarters station and see demonstrations on Firefighting, Ambulances and Paramedics, Auto Extrication, and many other specialty skills.

If you are interested in a public education experience in your business or for your group, club, or organization please contact the office. Please look in the community link for the next scheduled appearances.

Frequently Asked Questions

What fire codes does the Fire Protection District enforce?
The District has adopted the Life Safety 101, 2007 edition; NFPA 13, 2007 edition; NFPA 72, 2007 edition; IFC, 2006 edition; IBC, 2006 edition.

Are there fees for plan reviews?
Yes, please refer to the Schedule of Review Fees (effective 1/1/2019).

Are sprinklers required in all buildings?
Sprinklers are required in all new buildings and any existing building that undergoes a change of use. For example, if a building formerly was used as an office, and now someone is planning on using it as a store, that’s a change of use that would require sprinklers.

I think there’s a potential fire hazard in a building I frequent in Warrenville. Who can I contact to discuss it?
Contact the Warrenville Fire Prevention Bureau at 630-393-2175.

Does the fire department teach CPR courses?
Yes, the fire department teaches CPR courses. Please refer to our Classes and Programs page for more information. 

Is it possible to get a firefighter to come to our group to give a fire safety inspection?
Yes, the fire department has inspectors who can speak on various fire, safety, and first aid topics. Please call 630-393-1381 for more information.

How do I obtain a Knox Box for my property?
An application for a Knox Box can be obtained from the Forms and Documents link below.

How do I schedule a block party?
Please call 630-393-1381 and we will assist you. Please note that we require a minimum of one week’s notice for block parties.

Is there a process to have a food truck?
Please see this link for our Food Truck Inspection Checklist.