Financial Ordinances

Date PassedOrdinance NumberTitle of Ordinance
2/22/1989Ord. 90-1Establishing Certain Penalties for Failure to Properly Install and Maintain Fire Alarms and Life-Saving Warning Devices
2/14/1994Ord. 94-2Amend Ord. 93-2: Fine for out-of-service alarm
4/10/1995Ord. 95-2Amend Ord. 94-1: Penalty for lack of Knox Box
8/14/2000Ord. 00-04Schedule for Fines for False Fire Alarms
1/14/2002Ord. 02-01Schedule of Fines for Inspection Violations
3/8/2004Ord. 04-02Fines for Resetting Activated Alarm Panels
11/15/2017Ord 17-06Amendment Schedule for false fire alarms
1/9/1995Ord. 95-1Inspection fees for new construction, alterations, suppression systems & Automatic alarm systems
3/20/1997Ord. 97-1Amendment Ord. 95-1: Fees from Fire Prevention Bureau
7/8/1991Ord. 91-3Spiller Pay
12/16/2009Ord 09-06Fees in Response to Emergency Situations Requiring Specialize or Technical Rescue
2/14/2000Ord. 00-02Spiller Pays Ord.
3/8/2004Ord. 04-01Fees for Residential Plan Reviews
10/13/2008Ord  08-02Amending Previous Ordin. 97-1 Assessing Fees for FPB Functions
12/16/2009Ord 09-07Spiller Pays  
1/28/2013Ord 13-01Amendment 08-02 Fire Prev Fees
1/28/2013Ord 13-02Amendment 00-02 Spiller Pays
9/21/2016Ord 16-04Mitigation Rates, specialized and technical rescue
Other Financial Ordinances
1/5/1962Ord. 48To Tax and License Foreign Fire Insurance Companies
9/9/1985Ord. 99Acquisition of Real Estate
7/11/1994Ord. 94-4Prevailing Wage Rate
8/9/2004Ord. 04-04Approving the Sale by Public Auction of Property
5/11/2009Ord 09-02Authorizing MB Financial Note
3/20/2013Ord 13-03 Accounting fund balances (amending rules and regs)
12/19/2018Ord 18-05Public Question new tax – Referendum
9/24/2001Ord. 01-02Imposing Fees for Emergency Medical Transportation
5/21/2002Ord. 02-03Amending 01-02 Fees for Emergency Medical Transportation
8/17/2016Ord 16-03Amending EMS billing rates (01-02 and 02-03)
11/15/2017Ord 17-05Amendment to EMS Billing rates
2/20/2019Ord 19-01EMS Billing Amendment (Ord 02-03)
2/16/022Ord 22-01Amending Ambulance Fees